Saturday, March 10, 2012

One month & week 4

One month & week 4

Day Fifty: (Wed) No exercise
Day Fifty One: (Thur) No exercise
Day Fifty Two (Fri): Emergency day with family at hospital
Day Fifty Three:: (Sat)Tired today, shivering cold think I ate something bad I don't think this time it was detoxing. Its cold outside in the 40's not used to cold.
Day Fifty Four: (Sun) 

Day Fifty Five: (Mon) Weigh in
Day Fifty Six (Wed)
Notes for this week:Something I noticed this week that is different. "Eating is no longer fun" hubby said its cause I am no longer craving anything so I just don't want to eat anymore I only do it to keep going. I skip breakfast cuz I am not even hungry instead I am having brunch most days.

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  1. Interesting point about the observation you made "eating is no longer fun." We try to keep Paleo but challenging at times. You must be at the point now where you eat to live and not live to eat. Eating to sustain your body not overeating and overindulging on junk and foods that your cells in your body don't need. I'm on day 19 without going to a specific drive through for coffee and this is truly difficult. I will follow you closely so I can remain strong! Keep up the excellent work!