Saturday, March 10, 2012

One month & week 4

One month & week 4

Day Fifty: (Wed) No exercise
Day Fifty One: (Thur) No exercise
Day Fifty Two (Fri): Emergency day with family at hospital
Day Fifty Three:: (Sat)Tired today, shivering cold think I ate something bad I don't think this time it was detoxing. Its cold outside in the 40's not used to cold.
Day Fifty Four: (Sun) 

Day Fifty Five: (Mon) Weigh in
Day Fifty Six (Wed)
Notes for this week:Something I noticed this week that is different. "Eating is no longer fun" hubby said its cause I am no longer craving anything so I just don't want to eat anymore I only do it to keep going. I skip breakfast cuz I am not even hungry instead I am having brunch most days.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

One month & 3 week

One month & Week 3

Day Forty four: (Thur) No exercise
Day Forty Five: (Fri) No exercise
Day Forty Six: (Sat) No exercise yah its been one of those weeks again, just too tired really need to get to bed earlier. I keep saying that but it dosent work but I did clean my 3/4 of kitchen ;p
Day Forty Seven: (Sun) 
Day Forty Eight: (Mon) Now weight loss, time of month figures. Not happy that I am not losing more.
Day Forty Nine: (Tue)
Notes for this week: Nothing going on still not enough energy to do anymore exercise so busy on the farm.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

One month & 2 Week

After 30 days -2 Week

Day Thirty Eight: (Fri) No exercise
Day Thirty Nine: (Sat) No exercise
Day Forty: (Sun) No exercise yah its been one of those weeks, just too tired really need to get to bed earlier. I keep saying that but it dosent work.
Day Forty one: (Mon) Weigh in lost 1 lb total 10 lb Yah! Exercised 17min 
Day Forty two: (Tue) No exercise had to get my egg/pecan/lamb order ready for tomorrow farm run into city.
Day Forty Three (Wed)
Notes for this week: This is the week I found out that I am not losing as much hair in the drain after taking a shower like I have in the past. I drank a few sips of 7-up used to calm my stomach but gave me stomach pains instead for over an hour. NEVER AGAIN! Sleep and drinking water still not that great this week.

Sunday, February 19, 2012



Allergy cleared up except when I am detoxing.
Skin cleared up after the 30days.
Lost 9 lbs in the one month.
Can turn up my nose at most breads now, even some of my fav foods are disgusting to me now.
Knowing my body is good food is a good feeling, no regrets, no guilt.
Hair stopped falling out as much. Everynight after shower I would always find a wad of hair in the drain to clean out I always thought it was just the hard water, but after 30 days I noticed I didnt clean any out, which means I am not losing as much and it was my diet. 

Wow didn't know detoxing would have affected me so much, thought I was catching the flu but it was not it was detoxing.
Most people who are not overweight I heard had a lot of energy. I guess because I am very overweight that was not my case because I did not have the energy everyone else says they have, wanted to crash after 2pm each day. Hubby said I needed more sleep but on a farm its not possible.
Craved Sugar but not the breads
Freaked out third day with no sugar felt soooo strange not having any felt like I wanted to crawl out of my skin.

One month & 1 week

I don't want to write a blog for every day so going to write one for every week instead this helps motivate me.

Day Thirty One: Sunday- Wow worked out today mucking hay from barn. Ate really good today, nothing to complain about tomorrow my weigh in I don't think I lost any even with me working out most all this week.
Day Thirty Two: Lost another 1 lb so that makes it a total of 9 lbs for the month.
Day Thirty Three:
Day Thirty Four:
Day Thirty Five Ate at Red Robbin wasnt sure I could eat anything there but they had a half soup/avocado salad that was awesome, so I splured a bit and ate clam chowder, but I swear it was a tiny bowl!
Day Thirty Six- Wow see what happens when I dont write stuff down lol days go by. Still doing good on this diet.
Day Thirty Seven- Hubbys birthday tried out a wonderful recipe for blue berry and banana muffins. Going to try out their pumpkin muffins next. I made two cakes for him one would have come out beautiful moist and fluffy if it wasnt for the fact I read the instructions wrong. it calls for brewed coffee made already not ground! What was I thinking. Actually been so tired I wasnt thinking. I didnt have dates couldnt find them so I used prunes, hubby wants me to try figs.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day Thirty - Week 5

Day Thirty -  Week 5
Breakfast: banana, boiled egg, water
Lunch: 3 Breakfast tacos egg/bacon minus the tortillas!
Dinner: Bazillion grill.
Snack: Fried Banana I know, I know what was it fried in lol
Exercise: No, tired want to go to bed its late.
Note: Its been a long day, went on a date night to celebrate our 30 days & also late valentines day dinner. It was nice we stuck to our plan pretty much except my fried banana ;p & we did have a glass of wine each. This will be my last log for counting each day.  I am going to log only once a week. I will come back in a bit and write some more on this section

Good Paleo:

Bad Paleo:

Friday, February 17, 2012

Day Twenty Nine -Week five

Day Twenty Nine -Week five

Breakfast: Mc Donald sausage w/egg minus the biscuit, water bottle
Lunch: Chicken Bushes, minus the skin 2 pieces one breast one thigh, a half cup of cole slaw not sure if I can have this or not so played it safe.
Dinner: Spinch salad with walnuts, Waldens dressing, chopped boiled eggs, mushroom YUM! Hamburger patty made from Pasture raised beef. I put in beef some crushed pecans, salt pepper, garlic salt
Snack: Mixed nuts & berries.
Exercise: 17min! Yah
Notes: I realized today while trying to encourage someone to stay on their diet, that I have had a war for yrs going in my body. A war with my mind & taste body verses my Body. For yrs my mind and taste buds have won, but now on this Paleo diet the taste buds are going fast and my Body is screaming at me to listen for once! If I try to sneak food I either get a tummy ache, throat closes up or I gag. Yah body is trying to tell me something. LOL I am going to try my darn-est to listen this time.

Can't wait to try this hot cocoa recipe out after my 30 days. Small steps to see if my body will tolerate it and small quantities. She didnt mention unsweetened hot cocoa its what I got.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day Twenty Eight - Week 4

Day Twenty Eight - Week 4

Breakfast: Banana was in hurry
Lunch: Sirloin steak, spinich salad with boiled eggs & walnuts YUM.
Dinner: Rudys BQ, Turkey, Brisket, a bit of sausage & broccoli soup hubby made it awesome!
Snack: berries
Exercise: 17min bike went up 2 more min!
Note: Wow tried to take a bite of my sons pretzel he got from the mall, chewed tasted the yeast about hurled. My body hated it, going to listen to it so off list now, No pretzels, no foo foo coffee as my hubby calls it, no cheesecake, just looking at these things terrifies me! At least I don't have to worry about it!

Day Twenty Seven -Week 4

Day Twenty Seven -Week 4

Breakfast: Eggs & Bacon
Lunch: Left over brisket with salad
Dinner: Lamb chops with shrimp served with Salad
Snack: Pecans I was peeling :) , I can never get tired of raspberries!
Exercise: 15 min I need to go longer now at least 2more min.
Note: Can't wait its almost 30 days!!!! Everything fine today, less sleepy. Worked out on the farm picking up limbs and raking out the barn.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day Twenty Six -Week 4

Day Twenty Six -Week 4

Breakfast: Eggs/Bacon
Lunch: Forgot
Dinner: Corn beef and cabbage
Snack: Mixed nuts, berries
Exercise: 15min
Note: Hectic stressful day father was in hospital talk about wanting to stop and just get a burger sigh..but I didnt.

Day Twenty Five - Week 4

Day Twenty Five - Week 4

Breakfast: 2 Eggs & bacon, coffee
Dinner: Coconut Chicken with pecan crust
Snack: Carrot cake Day Tried it too dull so added spices to it, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, pecans, unsweetened coconut,
Exercise: Nope got home too late after picking up Mira, trying to get my hubby a valentines lunch.
I want to try this one next

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day Twenty Four - Week 4

Day Twenty Four - Week 4

Breakfast: Omelets for the whole family. Main meat, turkey sausage, peppers, olives, mushrooms.
Lunch: Can of Vienna sausage not that hungry
Dinner: Tom made a brisket with Squash & salad, stevia lemonade.
Snack: A few berries mixed nuts
Exercise: 15min bike - I fell really hard yesterday on the farm, hurt all over.
Notes: Well one thing I can tell you about this diet is it has changed my taste buds a lot! I didnt really enjoy my seafood the night before, the lobster tasted too rubbery, the shrimp tasted funny too...pitty cause on this diet I can eat seafood. I had a bite of cheese cake for my daughters Birthday and I really mean just a bite full,  it was great going down but afterwards my body rebelled & my throat closed up on me. I had to take some meds to keep it from getting worse. What the hell??? Something in that Sara Lee Cheesecake my body really rebelled against. I am terrified to eat it ever again now.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day Twenty Three - Week 4

Day Twenty Three - Week4
Breakfast: I-Hop ate steak & eggs with coffee brought me some stevia ;p no milk
Lunch: Salad with grilled chicken my hubby made
Dinner: Joes Crab shack Steam bowl ate everything but the corn & potatoes. Lobster, shrimp, crab legs.
Snack: apple chips from LDS can, berries.
Exercise: 15min bike Yah went up one more min
Note: Ok today once again by 2pm after 30min from eating I got really sleepy so I worked out 15min. I did a nasty fall today while trying to move something outside. I lay on the ground for a few min not sure if I damaged my leg or not. My wrist hurts but both my knees especially the left hurts bad. Going to be some major bruising in morning. I hope I can do my bike! I don;t want too but I think i will have to take some meds tonight :(

Friday, February 10, 2012

Day Twenty two - Week 4

Day Twenty two - Week 4

Breakfast: Two almond waffles with honey
Lunch: 2 pieces of chicken from last night
Dinner: Broccoli soup with ham/almonds This is not how I made mine, I did mine by my vita mixer, I did use most the same ingredients. I used dried onions I got from the LDS store & I used almonds instead of the other pinenuts.
Snack: A few mixed nuts, raspberries.
Exercise: 14min on bike
Note: Went to the Chiropractor today finally, I was getting really dizzy this week. Feel better after the visit I don't feel so dizzy I think it was my back out of wack. Talked to Dr English about the diet, he liked that I was on it. He said I could be detoxing for months. He says when my body hits some of my fat in store it will attack it using it & that's where my nose will be running. Hey as long as I lose weight I am ok with my nose running hehe.
Funny girl scout cookies are out now. I had bought some before I knew I was going to go on this diet. Smores yum I thought, so I snuck one the other night...Yuck! it tasted like rubber, no taste, how strange. They say your taste buds change to where you can actually taste stuff now, because before all the processed foods actually numb your taste. I believe it now!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day Twenty one - Week 3

Breakfast: 3 Waffles w/honey Oh yah these came out good! The recipe will be on my recipe site notes.

Lunch: Can of Vienna Sausage Was not hungry again
Dinner: Fried chicken -Baked in coconut oil & salt, pepper, chicken seasoning had with salad

Snack: Mixed nuts, raspberries
Exercise: Nope
Note: Ok on the waffles they came out way better than the first ones I tried. I used honey for the syrup. As for the chicken I tried it in one of those Fry Daddys..big mistake took forever should have just put in a cast iron skillet. After it heats up and you add food it starts to bubble and overflow over. Would recommend do NOT leave it have to watch the temp while on stove too. The reason I wanted the fry daddy was to be able to save the oil later but a facebook friend recommended I let it cool/strain it with small metal strainer with coffee filter to save for later in another container. Coconut oil is expensive so yes do this I am going too. I am going to use the LDS cans I get from canning.
Noticing that I am just not that hungry during lunch when I am busy.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day Twenty - Week 3

Day Twenty - Week3

Breakfast: Boiled egg 1 large Avocado with lemon & salt
Lunch: Can of vienna sausage (Was in hurry)
Dinner: Chicken soup with cabbage.
Snack: Nuts
Exercise: None feet hurt, very tired today.
Notes: Feeling really bloated today but lets just say its not the diet. Made the mistake of putting veggies corn peas in the chicken soup ;/ apparently not suppose to have that for 30 days, but I am more into the healthy eating rather then take some of those veggies away. Hubby once again skimmed thru the soup I on the other hand didnt have a guilt bone in my body about eating some peas, & lima beans. Its not like I ate a big bar of chocolate please!

Found another Paleo Diet site for snacks

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day Nineteen - Week 3

Day Nineteen - Week3

Breakfast: Boiled egg half of avocado, coffee
Lunch: Fish, forgot the kind, with carrots and asparagus.

Dinner: Squash spaghetti with meat sauce (Tom made) I don't know his recipe but here is one similar you can follow

Snack: Mixed nuts, dried pork rinds
Note: I think I might be allergic to coffee, at first I thought it was the milk a must have in my coffee but then I put coconut milk in my coffee during the afternoon and my nose started to run. Going to skip the coffee tomorrow and see what happens. Went to the LDS shop today to do some canning. There is not much we can eat, so got lots more dried onion cans and dried carrots :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Day Eighteen - Week 3

Day Eighteen - Week3
Weigh in today lost 2 lbs Total of 8lbs now

Breakfast: 1 Boiled egg, Coffee (Just not hungry this morning must be from all food at Superbowl)
Lunch: Hebrew hotdogs 2 & bowl of broccoli. Just the son & me, daughter was at work. 
Dinner: My own Casserole "Turkey yellow squash with almonds" I dub it! Recipe will be listed on my recipes.

Snack: Mixed nuts
Notes: Got to bed late last night cause of Superbowl clean up. Father came over to wake me up early for a question that could have been asked later sigh..

Day Seventeen - Week 3

Day Seventeen - Week 3

Brunch: 2 Boiled eggs, bacon slices, half of sliced avocado

Dinner: Super bowl Sunday, Seasoned ribs & chicken wigs, Chicken wings hubby fried in coconut oil, ribs in oven, avocado slices in lemon/Salt, cucumbers in lemon & salt, celery with homemade pecan butter. Wrapped bacon artichoke hearts Drank my stevia lemonade, I had two glasses.

My plate below, minus the ribs that came out later. 

Snacks: Banana, coffee for after dinner
Exercise: None was running around farm getting ready for superbowl.
Notes: Food was good! I loved that I could dip my chicken wings into the Waldens ranch/bacon dressing talk about yummy!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Recipes for our paleo diet

This will be where I put recipe directions so I can keep track. I have them on document already but wanted to share here so I can keep organized.

Waffle recipe:

4 eggs plus 2 egg whites (separate and beat the whites to foamy peaks w/ a pinch of sea salt)
2 T vanilla
1/2 cup So Delicious unsweeted coconut milk
1.5 cup Nut flour (your choice almond, pecan, flaxseed or all combined)
3 T Coconut flour
1/2 tsp Sea Salt
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp cinnamon
1 pinch fresh ground nutmeg
Instead of shredded apple and coconut, I used 2/3 cup organic apple sauce.
I mixed all the wet ingredients, save the egg whites, with the dry ingredients. I then folded the mixture into the egg whites trying to preserve as much volume as possible. After cooking, the result was a very airy and light waffle. They still are softer than regular waffles but the edges crisp in the toaster when reheating.
Each waffle is: 350 cal, 16g protein, 18.5g carbs, 25g fat

Note: Got this from her site not her recipe though it was someone that made a comment on her site. Excellent!

Bacon wraps I invented:

2 Jimmy dean natural sausage meat, 1lb pasture raised ground beef
Half of red & Orange Pepper (chopped up fine)
One egg to hold together
Dried onion 
Salt, peper, garlic salt, flax seed,
Wrap in Bacon

I placed in my "Super Cooker" for 25 min it was done in 20min but I wanted more cooked bacon. You can also sprinkle on top more flax seed.

Day Sixteen - Week 3

Day sixteen: 

Paleo waffles, rasberries, turkey sausage, half avocado, Coffee. Try the other recipe next time on that site!

 Lunch: Bill Millers Turkey, sausage & brisket no BQ sauce, avocado, lettuce with Walden salad dressing.

Dinner: Was so full from lunch I just put some turkey on some salad and ta da! Had some stevia lemonade.


Note: Wow had a wonderful day, felt great till around 5pm then took a short nap, I was up early going on only 5 hrs of sleep. Had to get up early to prepare breakfast for son and Husband they were off to pick up can goods on a food drive for the Boyscout's. The waffles came out ok very dry had to add 2 more eggs and more water. There is advice on making it a different way on the forum so think i will try that way instead. After breakfast I went to flea market where I picked up some great deals on Veggies. Huge Cabbage for $1 while at HEB a small 3 lb cabbage is 44cents a lb! Also 2 large cucumbers for $1 HEB its 1 cucumber for $62 cents. Will be going there next week & every week after that I think :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Day Fifthteen - Week 3

Day Fifteenth: 

Breakfast: Bacon wrap, 2 eggs mixed with green onion, coffee

Lunch: Half of Cornish hen.

Dinner: Grilled chicken from Kentucky fried chicken

Exercise: Yes 14min on bike

Notes: Had a break down with sugar. I bought a book called The gluten free almond flour cook book" got excited thinking I could use later agave nectar but hubby told me no sweeteners plus he heard bad things about it, I am sad to say I FREAKED so angry at him I was in tears..."Isnt there anything?? I can use you keep putting down on stuff to use for my cooking :( We sat down to watch some tv and he made a lil plate of avocado, grilled chicken and sliced boiled eggs for us. I felt better after eating it and getting my mind off of it. I am embarrassed how I reacted like a crazed woman, only shows me how addicted to any sweetness I am. It was true about the Agave nectar just as bad as fructose I heard...I looked more into Stevia it seems ok but have to watch for blood control for cholesterol on people with diabetics is what I heard to keep it in moderation. So the only thing I really found out there is natural raw HONEY so looks like its back to the drawing board with honey for later on. I'am over sugar for tonight but I know it will be back, this is just a small hurdle on day 15. I am happy to say I turned down my fav chocolate & boxes of girl scout cookies. :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day Fourteen - Week 2

Day Fourteen: 

Breakfast: Celery sticks with homemade pecan butter, raspberries, 1 Bacon wrap

Lunch: Ribeye steak, broccoli, house salad diet coke

Dinner: Bacon wrap/Sonic grilled chicken by itself.

Exercise: No got home too late but did a lot of shopping so feet really hurt.

Note: Feeling ok today didnt take a nap didnt have time even if I wanted too. Half way thru day running nose but not that bad.  2 weeks gone yah!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day Thirteen - Week 2

Day Thirteen:
Breakfast: 2 Egg sausage Mcmuffin at McDonalds minus the muffins, coffee
Lunch: beef & shrimp stir fry w/veggies at
Dinner: My own invention Paleo stuffed bacon wraps. Next time thinking of adding chopped artichoke hearts in mixture.

Snack: A few pecans (Yikes I snuck one Sees chocolate candy from my stash sigh my first sugar break down)

Note: Felt ok most the day but when I got back from SA I took a 15 nap felt tired like all my energy drained. Woke up with nose running a lot, wasn't sure if it was allergy's but by the time I came home it was gone so it was the detox I am sure of it, because my allergy's would have continued.Also note to keep the cost of the lunch restaurant cheaper we all ordered water with lemon instead of soda knocked the price $6.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day Twelve - Week 2

Day Twelve:

Breakfast: 2 Boiled eggs, 2 small coconut pancakes, turkey bacon

Lunch: Left over meat loaf, diet tea

Dinner: Lamb roast in pot mixed with all kinds of veggies including cabbage. YUM

Snack: 1 small coconut pancake with blueberrys, Mixed nuts

Exercise: 14min bike

Note: I feel good today it comes and goes the tiredness. For awhile I am fine all energized then I have to go lay down for a bit.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Day Eleven - Week 2

Day Eleven: (Lost 6 lbs on this diet on my weigh in day) 2 lbs b4 that so total of 6 lbs)

Breakfast:: Eggs, ham slices mixed w/olives, red pepper, coffee.

Lunch: Left over House soup we had for dinner the other night.

Dinner: Healthy meatloaf made w/dried onion, tomato sauce, eggs, chopped carrots, celery, flax seed, pasture raised beef/lamb mixture. Leftover sweet potatoes & broccoli on side, coffee wanted something warm.

Snack: Nuts mostly pecans and almonds.

Exercise: Yes 13min on bike

Note: Feeling better today not dizzy or nauseated I wanted to go to Chiropractor but husband car wouldnt start so had to stay home he took my car. Kind of sluggish I guess cause it was cold and wet outside today it rained. I don't do well in cold weather.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day Ten - Week 2

Day ten:

Brunch: Ham slices, coffee blueberries, & pancakes made with coconut flour,  (Calls for can of coconut milk figured that was about 2  1/2 cups) needs lots more liquid.

Dinner: Cornish hen's, sweet potato slices, Salad & lemon/salt cucumber slices, stevia lemonade.

Snack: Mixed nuts

Exercise: None, but walking around farm

Note: Woke up around 3am with night mare couldnt go back to sleep. felt fine till around 3pm started feeling nauseated & dizzy, felt better got up started to prepare dinner in the middle I started sweating a lot & getting nauseated again. Not sure why I am all nauseated today I am guessing its part of the detox? Going to the Chiro just in case tonight could be a neck problem it has happened b4.