Saturday, March 10, 2012

One month & week 4

One month & week 4

Day Fifty: (Wed) No exercise
Day Fifty One: (Thur) No exercise
Day Fifty Two (Fri): Emergency day with family at hospital
Day Fifty Three:: (Sat)Tired today, shivering cold think I ate something bad I don't think this time it was detoxing. Its cold outside in the 40's not used to cold.
Day Fifty Four: (Sun) 

Day Fifty Five: (Mon) Weigh in
Day Fifty Six (Wed)
Notes for this week:Something I noticed this week that is different. "Eating is no longer fun" hubby said its cause I am no longer craving anything so I just don't want to eat anymore I only do it to keep going. I skip breakfast cuz I am not even hungry instead I am having brunch most days.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

One month & 3 week

One month & Week 3

Day Forty four: (Thur) No exercise
Day Forty Five: (Fri) No exercise
Day Forty Six: (Sat) No exercise yah its been one of those weeks again, just too tired really need to get to bed earlier. I keep saying that but it dosent work but I did clean my 3/4 of kitchen ;p
Day Forty Seven: (Sun) 
Day Forty Eight: (Mon) Now weight loss, time of month figures. Not happy that I am not losing more.
Day Forty Nine: (Tue)
Notes for this week: Nothing going on still not enough energy to do anymore exercise so busy on the farm.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

One month & 2 Week

After 30 days -2 Week

Day Thirty Eight: (Fri) No exercise
Day Thirty Nine: (Sat) No exercise
Day Forty: (Sun) No exercise yah its been one of those weeks, just too tired really need to get to bed earlier. I keep saying that but it dosent work.
Day Forty one: (Mon) Weigh in lost 1 lb total 10 lb Yah! Exercised 17min 
Day Forty two: (Tue) No exercise had to get my egg/pecan/lamb order ready for tomorrow farm run into city.
Day Forty Three (Wed)
Notes for this week: This is the week I found out that I am not losing as much hair in the drain after taking a shower like I have in the past. I drank a few sips of 7-up used to calm my stomach but gave me stomach pains instead for over an hour. NEVER AGAIN! Sleep and drinking water still not that great this week.

Sunday, February 19, 2012



Allergy cleared up except when I am detoxing.
Skin cleared up after the 30days.
Lost 9 lbs in the one month.
Can turn up my nose at most breads now, even some of my fav foods are disgusting to me now.
Knowing my body is good food is a good feeling, no regrets, no guilt.
Hair stopped falling out as much. Everynight after shower I would always find a wad of hair in the drain to clean out I always thought it was just the hard water, but after 30 days I noticed I didnt clean any out, which means I am not losing as much and it was my diet. 

Wow didn't know detoxing would have affected me so much, thought I was catching the flu but it was not it was detoxing.
Most people who are not overweight I heard had a lot of energy. I guess because I am very overweight that was not my case because I did not have the energy everyone else says they have, wanted to crash after 2pm each day. Hubby said I needed more sleep but on a farm its not possible.
Craved Sugar but not the breads
Freaked out third day with no sugar felt soooo strange not having any felt like I wanted to crawl out of my skin.

One month & 1 week

I don't want to write a blog for every day so going to write one for every week instead this helps motivate me.

Day Thirty One: Sunday- Wow worked out today mucking hay from barn. Ate really good today, nothing to complain about tomorrow my weigh in I don't think I lost any even with me working out most all this week.
Day Thirty Two: Lost another 1 lb so that makes it a total of 9 lbs for the month.
Day Thirty Three:
Day Thirty Four:
Day Thirty Five Ate at Red Robbin wasnt sure I could eat anything there but they had a half soup/avocado salad that was awesome, so I splured a bit and ate clam chowder, but I swear it was a tiny bowl!
Day Thirty Six- Wow see what happens when I dont write stuff down lol days go by. Still doing good on this diet.
Day Thirty Seven- Hubbys birthday tried out a wonderful recipe for blue berry and banana muffins. Going to try out their pumpkin muffins next. I made two cakes for him one would have come out beautiful moist and fluffy if it wasnt for the fact I read the instructions wrong. it calls for brewed coffee made already not ground! What was I thinking. Actually been so tired I wasnt thinking. I didnt have dates couldnt find them so I used prunes, hubby wants me to try figs.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day Thirty - Week 5

Day Thirty -  Week 5
Breakfast: banana, boiled egg, water
Lunch: 3 Breakfast tacos egg/bacon minus the tortillas!
Dinner: Bazillion grill.
Snack: Fried Banana I know, I know what was it fried in lol
Exercise: No, tired want to go to bed its late.
Note: Its been a long day, went on a date night to celebrate our 30 days & also late valentines day dinner. It was nice we stuck to our plan pretty much except my fried banana ;p & we did have a glass of wine each. This will be my last log for counting each day.  I am going to log only once a week. I will come back in a bit and write some more on this section

Good Paleo:

Bad Paleo:

Friday, February 17, 2012

Day Twenty Nine -Week five

Day Twenty Nine -Week five

Breakfast: Mc Donald sausage w/egg minus the biscuit, water bottle
Lunch: Chicken Bushes, minus the skin 2 pieces one breast one thigh, a half cup of cole slaw not sure if I can have this or not so played it safe.
Dinner: Spinch salad with walnuts, Waldens dressing, chopped boiled eggs, mushroom YUM! Hamburger patty made from Pasture raised beef. I put in beef some crushed pecans, salt pepper, garlic salt
Snack: Mixed nuts & berries.
Exercise: 17min! Yah
Notes: I realized today while trying to encourage someone to stay on their diet, that I have had a war for yrs going in my body. A war with my mind & taste body verses my Body. For yrs my mind and taste buds have won, but now on this Paleo diet the taste buds are going fast and my Body is screaming at me to listen for once! If I try to sneak food I either get a tummy ache, throat closes up or I gag. Yah body is trying to tell me something. LOL I am going to try my darn-est to listen this time.

Can't wait to try this hot cocoa recipe out after my 30 days. Small steps to see if my body will tolerate it and small quantities. She didnt mention unsweetened hot cocoa its what I got.