Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day Thirty - Week 5

Day Thirty -  Week 5
Breakfast: banana, boiled egg, water
Lunch: 3 Breakfast tacos egg/bacon minus the tortillas!
Dinner: Bazillion grill.
Snack: Fried Banana I know, I know what was it fried in lol
Exercise: No, tired want to go to bed its late.
Note: Its been a long day, went on a date night to celebrate our 30 days & also late valentines day dinner. It was nice we stuck to our plan pretty much except my fried banana ;p & we did have a glass of wine each. This will be my last log for counting each day.  I am going to log only once a week. I will come back in a bit and write some more on this section

Good Paleo:

Bad Paleo:

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