Sunday, February 19, 2012

One month & 1 week

I don't want to write a blog for every day so going to write one for every week instead this helps motivate me.

Day Thirty One: Sunday- Wow worked out today mucking hay from barn. Ate really good today, nothing to complain about tomorrow my weigh in I don't think I lost any even with me working out most all this week.
Day Thirty Two: Lost another 1 lb so that makes it a total of 9 lbs for the month.
Day Thirty Three:
Day Thirty Four:
Day Thirty Five Ate at Red Robbin wasnt sure I could eat anything there but they had a half soup/avocado salad that was awesome, so I splured a bit and ate clam chowder, but I swear it was a tiny bowl!
Day Thirty Six- Wow see what happens when I dont write stuff down lol days go by. Still doing good on this diet.
Day Thirty Seven- Hubbys birthday tried out a wonderful recipe for blue berry and banana muffins. Going to try out their pumpkin muffins next. I made two cakes for him one would have come out beautiful moist and fluffy if it wasnt for the fact I read the instructions wrong. it calls for brewed coffee made already not ground! What was I thinking. Actually been so tired I wasnt thinking. I didnt have dates couldnt find them so I used prunes, hubby wants me to try figs.

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