Sunday, February 19, 2012



Allergy cleared up except when I am detoxing.
Skin cleared up after the 30days.
Lost 9 lbs in the one month.
Can turn up my nose at most breads now, even some of my fav foods are disgusting to me now.
Knowing my body is good food is a good feeling, no regrets, no guilt.
Hair stopped falling out as much. Everynight after shower I would always find a wad of hair in the drain to clean out I always thought it was just the hard water, but after 30 days I noticed I didnt clean any out, which means I am not losing as much and it was my diet. 

Wow didn't know detoxing would have affected me so much, thought I was catching the flu but it was not it was detoxing.
Most people who are not overweight I heard had a lot of energy. I guess because I am very overweight that was not my case because I did not have the energy everyone else says they have, wanted to crash after 2pm each day. Hubby said I needed more sleep but on a farm its not possible.
Craved Sugar but not the breads
Freaked out third day with no sugar felt soooo strange not having any felt like I wanted to crawl out of my skin.

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