Sunday, February 26, 2012

One month & 2 Week

After 30 days -2 Week

Day Thirty Eight: (Fri) No exercise
Day Thirty Nine: (Sat) No exercise
Day Forty: (Sun) No exercise yah its been one of those weeks, just too tired really need to get to bed earlier. I keep saying that but it dosent work.
Day Forty one: (Mon) Weigh in lost 1 lb total 10 lb Yah! Exercised 17min 
Day Forty two: (Tue) No exercise had to get my egg/pecan/lamb order ready for tomorrow farm run into city.
Day Forty Three (Wed)
Notes for this week: This is the week I found out that I am not losing as much hair in the drain after taking a shower like I have in the past. I drank a few sips of 7-up used to calm my stomach but gave me stomach pains instead for over an hour. NEVER AGAIN! Sleep and drinking water still not that great this week.

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