Friday, February 17, 2012

Day Twenty Nine -Week five

Day Twenty Nine -Week five

Breakfast: Mc Donald sausage w/egg minus the biscuit, water bottle
Lunch: Chicken Bushes, minus the skin 2 pieces one breast one thigh, a half cup of cole slaw not sure if I can have this or not so played it safe.
Dinner: Spinch salad with walnuts, Waldens dressing, chopped boiled eggs, mushroom YUM! Hamburger patty made from Pasture raised beef. I put in beef some crushed pecans, salt pepper, garlic salt
Snack: Mixed nuts & berries.
Exercise: 17min! Yah
Notes: I realized today while trying to encourage someone to stay on their diet, that I have had a war for yrs going in my body. A war with my mind & taste body verses my Body. For yrs my mind and taste buds have won, but now on this Paleo diet the taste buds are going fast and my Body is screaming at me to listen for once! If I try to sneak food I either get a tummy ache, throat closes up or I gag. Yah body is trying to tell me something. LOL I am going to try my darn-est to listen this time.

Can't wait to try this hot cocoa recipe out after my 30 days. Small steps to see if my body will tolerate it and small quantities. She didnt mention unsweetened hot cocoa its what I got.

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