Monday, January 30, 2012

Day Eleven - Week 2

Day Eleven: (Lost 6 lbs on this diet on my weigh in day) 2 lbs b4 that so total of 6 lbs)

Breakfast:: Eggs, ham slices mixed w/olives, red pepper, coffee.

Lunch: Left over House soup we had for dinner the other night.

Dinner: Healthy meatloaf made w/dried onion, tomato sauce, eggs, chopped carrots, celery, flax seed, pasture raised beef/lamb mixture. Leftover sweet potatoes & broccoli on side, coffee wanted something warm.

Snack: Nuts mostly pecans and almonds.

Exercise: Yes 13min on bike

Note: Feeling better today not dizzy or nauseated I wanted to go to Chiropractor but husband car wouldnt start so had to stay home he took my car. Kind of sluggish I guess cause it was cold and wet outside today it rained. I don't do well in cold weather.

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