Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day two - Week 1

Day two:

Breakfast: Almond pancakes Tom & I thought this was ok, it goes great with fresh raspberries on top, kids didnt really like it especially since they couldn't pour syrup on it. Eating fruit as a syrup is a new concept for the kids they just dont get yet. Lean ham slices. Water.

Lunch: Steamed Chicken breast "Superwave" steamed carrots, salad, Lemonade "True Lemon" made with stevia.

Dinner: Steamed lemon fish with asparagus & mixed salad. Lemonade "True lemon"

Snacks: Nuts, fruit, sugar free gum

Note: Made double batch pancakes enough for family of four to have 3 small pancakes each. I thought I would want more but it was really filling!!!!  Almond & coconut flour is really expensive at "Sprouts need to find another source in bulk. I am going into a sugar withdraw got some gum seems to help. I went into HEB yesterday went by the bakery didn't even phase me still battling wanting to have sugar, bought more gum.

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