Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day Ten - Week 2

Day ten:

Brunch: Ham slices, coffee blueberries, & pancakes made with coconut flour,  (Calls for can of coconut milk figured that was about 2  1/2 cups) needs lots more liquid.

Dinner: Cornish hen's, sweet potato slices, Salad & lemon/salt cucumber slices, stevia lemonade.

Snack: Mixed nuts

Exercise: None, but walking around farm

Note: Woke up around 3am with night mare couldnt go back to sleep. felt fine till around 3pm started feeling nauseated & dizzy, felt better got up started to prepare dinner in the middle I started sweating a lot & getting nauseated again. Not sure why I am all nauseated today I am guessing its part of the detox? Going to the Chiro just in case tonight could be a neck problem it has happened b4.

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