Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day Three - Week 1

Day Three: 
Breakfast: Pasture raised -Scrambled eggs mixed with onion, red pepper, salt, onion powder, pepper, coffee with Stevie a bit of raw milk. Cantaloup, Water

Lunch: Hebrew National beef franks, steamed squash, green hot tea

Dinner: Steamed shrimp, chicken, mushrooms, orange pepper, garlic, unsweetened tea

Snacks: Nut, sugar free gum Made carrot cake but didnt eat any kids loved it.

Workout: 10min on bike on uphill.

Notes: Feeling really tired today, the diet tells you to get a lot of rest which I did the last 2 nights, hubby is doing fine, he is taking more supplements then I am. I am taking some of the Fish oil, garlic tablet, multi vitamin. I am not sleepy just more like my body is tired like I am coming down with something but I am not??? Hubby thinks its my body detoxing itself. I intake a whole lot of sugar & carbs then my husband & I am more overweight so I am having a harder time then my husband. Most people say they feel more energetic after being on this diet. I think I need more time. I feel awful. My body is confused not sure where to get the extra carbs and sugar at I think. Got worse by afternoon, hubby suggested I exercise but didnt feel up to doing that I took a walk around farm for a bit felt tons better afterwards he was on to something!

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