Thursday, January 19, 2012

Paleo Diet I think should be called the Farmers diet

My husband and I started the Paleo diet for 30days another name they like to call it is the "Cave man diet" I think more of it as the "Farmers diet". The main reason I call it this is because most of the stuff you will be eating can be found on a farm like meat, veggies nuts, berries, so unless you live on a farm or fish a lot this diet can be pretty expensive. To keep it frugal you need to have some connections or know how to get this stuff other then the super market......No wheat, Pasta, beans etc..

The diet consist of a lot of lean meats of fish, chicken, some lean pork, all kinds of veggies, fruits & nuts (except peanuts) To help on this quest of our for 30 days maybe longer I bought myself a "Superwave oven" sort of like the Nuwave oven but it was cheaper plus it had a glass dome not plastic, I despise plastic. I am cooking everything in it so far its coming out really good. I did try to make turkey bacon in it, I don't think it came out that well. I made sweet potato fry's my family loved them. We also live on the farm and as long as my chicken are laying I will have all the eggs we can eat plus all the other animals for meat & hopefully our garden too.

So we have taken out of our diet all processed foods & sugars trying to eat more raw as possible.
We have also omitted dairy some people worry about not having calcium but I am not too worried about that right now since we eat a lot of green leafy stuff which will substitute for it, if we do drink milk its raw milk so easy for our stomachs to digest.  After 30 days I will bring back on cheese yogurt but I really want to make my own from raw milk.

As for the meat luckily a few months ago I stocked up on pasture raised ground meat from a rancher, our fridge is loaded with lamb meat, & I just purchased 21 broilers from a 4-H boy. We are going to keep them on grass for a few weeks to get them healthier. We have pigs that will be ready for the butcher in May along with some stew chickens.

I have tons of pecans to eat so I have bought some other nuts to mix them up with them for snacks. It is going to be expensive buying all the vegetables right now till we can get our garden growing again.

Some say this is a lot like the atkins I disagree since they encourage you to eat lots of veggies and fruit after the first 30 days..  We plan to add a little more carbs with Gluten free products after the 30days. Its going back to the basics like I said a "Farmers diet" Note: My husband is following the book completely and more likely he will lose faster then I will, he has omitted fruit from his diet for the first 30days. I am trying to eat it only in the morning sometimes for snack. I need some kind of sugar or I will go mad! lol

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