Friday, January 20, 2012

Day One - Week 1

Menu: Jan 20, 2012

Week one:
Day one:
Breakfast: 2 Pasture raised - eggs scrambled with green onion,  2 small oranges, green tea

Lunch:  Lean steak no fat, sweet potato no butter, salad with oil on the side. "Restaurant" diet coke ;/

Dinner: Chicken breast, Mixed salad

Snacks: Nuts, fruit, sugar free gum

Note: Surprised I actually turned down fresh made bread & cinnamon butter. I was disgusted about how much products out there have sugar in them after reading the label. Its in everything! Its pretty gross, even the ham I bought had 2 g of sugar in it and that was the lowest one I could find!! On the upside went to bed feeling less bloated & I didnt have those stomach pains I've been having for awhile each night now.

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