Monday, February 6, 2012

Day Seventeen - Week 3

Day Seventeen - Week 3

Brunch: 2 Boiled eggs, bacon slices, half of sliced avocado

Dinner: Super bowl Sunday, Seasoned ribs & chicken wigs, Chicken wings hubby fried in coconut oil, ribs in oven, avocado slices in lemon/Salt, cucumbers in lemon & salt, celery with homemade pecan butter. Wrapped bacon artichoke hearts Drank my stevia lemonade, I had two glasses.

My plate below, minus the ribs that came out later. 

Snacks: Banana, coffee for after dinner
Exercise: None was running around farm getting ready for superbowl.
Notes: Food was good! I loved that I could dip my chicken wings into the Waldens ranch/bacon dressing talk about yummy!

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