Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day Twenty - Week 3

Day Twenty - Week3

Breakfast: Boiled egg 1 large Avocado with lemon & salt
Lunch: Can of vienna sausage (Was in hurry)
Dinner: Chicken soup with cabbage.
Snack: Nuts
Exercise: None feet hurt, very tired today.
Notes: Feeling really bloated today but lets just say its not the diet. Made the mistake of putting veggies corn peas in the chicken soup ;/ apparently not suppose to have that for 30 days, but I am more into the healthy eating rather then take some of those veggies away. Hubby once again skimmed thru the soup I on the other hand didnt have a guilt bone in my body about eating some peas, & lima beans. Its not like I ate a big bar of chocolate please!

Found another Paleo Diet site for snacks

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