Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day Sixteen - Week 3

Day sixteen: 

Paleo waffles, rasberries, turkey sausage, half avocado, Coffee. Try the other recipe next time on that site!

 Lunch: Bill Millers Turkey, sausage & brisket no BQ sauce, avocado, lettuce with Walden salad dressing.

Dinner: Was so full from lunch I just put some turkey on some salad and ta da! Had some stevia lemonade.


Note: Wow had a wonderful day, felt great till around 5pm then took a short nap, I was up early going on only 5 hrs of sleep. Had to get up early to prepare breakfast for son and Husband they were off to pick up can goods on a food drive for the Boyscout's. The waffles came out ok very dry had to add 2 more eggs and more water. There is advice on making it a different way on the forum so think i will try that way instead. After breakfast I went to flea market where I picked up some great deals on Veggies. Huge Cabbage for $1 while at HEB a small 3 lb cabbage is 44cents a lb! Also 2 large cucumbers for $1 HEB its 1 cucumber for $62 cents. Will be going there next week & every week after that I think :)

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