Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day Thirteen - Week 2

Day Thirteen:
Breakfast: 2 Egg sausage Mcmuffin at McDonalds minus the muffins, coffee
Lunch: beef & shrimp stir fry w/veggies at
Dinner: My own invention Paleo stuffed bacon wraps. Next time thinking of adding chopped artichoke hearts in mixture.

Snack: A few pecans (Yikes I snuck one Sees chocolate candy from my stash sigh my first sugar break down)

Note: Felt ok most the day but when I got back from SA I took a 15 nap felt tired like all my energy drained. Woke up with nose running a lot, wasn't sure if it was allergy's but by the time I came home it was gone so it was the detox I am sure of it, because my allergy's would have continued.Also note to keep the cost of the lunch restaurant cheaper we all ordered water with lemon instead of soda knocked the price $6.

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