Friday, February 3, 2012

Day Fifthteen - Week 3

Day Fifteenth: 

Breakfast: Bacon wrap, 2 eggs mixed with green onion, coffee

Lunch: Half of Cornish hen.

Dinner: Grilled chicken from Kentucky fried chicken

Exercise: Yes 14min on bike

Notes: Had a break down with sugar. I bought a book called The gluten free almond flour cook book" got excited thinking I could use later agave nectar but hubby told me no sweeteners plus he heard bad things about it, I am sad to say I FREAKED so angry at him I was in tears..."Isnt there anything?? I can use you keep putting down on stuff to use for my cooking :( We sat down to watch some tv and he made a lil plate of avocado, grilled chicken and sliced boiled eggs for us. I felt better after eating it and getting my mind off of it. I am embarrassed how I reacted like a crazed woman, only shows me how addicted to any sweetness I am. It was true about the Agave nectar just as bad as fructose I heard...I looked more into Stevia it seems ok but have to watch for blood control for cholesterol on people with diabetics is what I heard to keep it in moderation. So the only thing I really found out there is natural raw HONEY so looks like its back to the drawing board with honey for later on. I'am over sugar for tonight but I know it will be back, this is just a small hurdle on day 15. I am happy to say I turned down my fav chocolate & boxes of girl scout cookies. :)

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